Media Literacy in E-Commerce and the Relationship with the Artificial Intelligence

Volume 2 | No 2 | December 2023
Hristina Balkanov
Faculty of Law "Iustinianus Primus", UKIM
UDC: 005.94:004.8]:316.772.3


Artificial intelligence is currently one of the most trending topics on a global level, both among the professionals from various fields and among everyone else who is familiar with the existence of this notion. However, the question that is arises – why is this so? Is it because the world is afraid of the unknown? It goes without saying that the potential reluctance plays a huge role in this regard. In fact, the testimonies and the experience point to the conclusion that comfort is found in safety.

The enhancement and dynamics of the development of needs and wishes result in new forms of their satisfaction, respectively, and one of those forms is precisely the artificial intelligence. However, what happens when the artificial intelligence is mentioned in the context of e-commerce, which, equally as artificial intelligence, is also causing confusion? There is a clash with the fact that the knowledge is the existential assumption in order to have a satisfactory level of readiness to confront. In this case, that knowledge is precisely the media literacy, in the broadest possible sense. In order to have quality communication, it is important to understand the process of communication,. However on the other hand, the understanding of the communication process encompasses several processes that differ from each other, but who also complement each other.

This paper analyses the media literacy in the e-commerce in relation to artificial intelligence and aims to define, but also to bring the meaning of each of these terms closer to the readers, and to explain the meaning of their mutual cohesion for the modern society. Finally, the paper aims to provide information on why media literacy is important for the users or the consumers in the context of the e-commerce in the age of artificial intelligence.

Keywords: e-commerce, media literacy, machine learning