The Use of Artificial Intelligence – Enigma for Macedonian Media

Volume 2 | No 2 | December 2023
Maja Blazevska Evrosimoska; Zaneta Trajkoska
UDC: 004.8:316.774(497.7)


In a reality marked by extremely rapid technological progress, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated numerous fields and professions, including the media industry. At a time when some media outlets use or experiment with the potential of artificial intelligence, additional efforts are needed to increase awareness of its use among media professionals and among the audience. While international institutions are taking steps towards regulating the legal and ethical aspects of using artificial intelligence and possibly preventing its  abuse, global media companies are drafting guidelines and deciding on standpoints regarding the use of AI and the need to educate the audience and raise awareness about how a certain media product is created. This paper will analyse  how prepared Macedonian media are to respond to the new challenges surrounding the use of AI in their work processes, but also in preparing the audience to receive media products in which AI is used. At the same time, an effort is made to respond to the ethical and moral aspects of that process, transparency, accountability, and other professional principles in the journalistic profession.

Keywords: media, AI, media literacy