The Balkans is increasingly sending Eurosceptic tones

The European Union has not met expectations it promised to the Balkan countries, hence the people are angry and disappointed. The interlocutors from the region who follow the European processes say for this #ResPublicaMK podcast that the EU will not easily regain the lost credibility. But despite the euroscepticism, young people are migrating to the EU, fleeing the domestic clientelistic systems.

We talk about the European perspectives with Radosveta Vasileva from Bulgaria, Aleksandra Vouduri from Greece, Katarina Tadic from Serbia and Malinka Ristevska-Jordanova from N. Macedonia.

"Enlargement fatigue" in the EU, empty EU promises...
(Dis)Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the ...


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Saturday, 29 January 2022

prikazni od regionot

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