Welcome to the “new normal”

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB Sabin Selimi Once the pandemic crisis is over, expect the state to return with more power and legitimacy. Imagine the following scenario for a moment: An outbreak of a novel coronavirus transmitted from an unknown source to people eventually becomes...

The dwindling role of the EU in the world

Sabin Selimi


Sabin Selimi MKD ALB If member states cannot rely on one another in coordinating efforts to fight the spread of the disease, how would the EU respond in case of a crisis even more devastating than the current pandemic? The hardest blow to the EU as a global player were...

Western Balkans’ Euro-Atlantic perspective revived


МК Alfonc Rakaj & Leonie Rakaj-Vrugtman Solidarity is the only way to overcome this crisis. Western Balkan’s European integration perspective was severely challenged at the end of last year, when the European Council was unable to open negotiation talks with...

Artificial Intelligence will have a profound impact on global politics in the 2020s and beyond

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB Sabin Selimi  To get AI right, we need stronger cooperation between state institutions—governments, law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and parliaments—private sector, academia, civil society and the public at large. Expect artificial...

The need for enhancing digital diplomacy in Southeast Europe

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB  SR Sabin Selimi When used properly, digital diplomacy is a persuasive and timely addition to traditional forms of diplomacy. The countries that don’t use and master it, will simply have reduced influence and power on the world stage....

The Unthought Future of Democracy in Southeast Europe

Sabin Selimi


МК  ALB  SR Sabin Selimi Today, humans run for office. Tomorrow, the intelligent machines will. And, they may win, as citizens become increasingly frustrated with human politicians. It is the year 2050. During the recent European parliamentary...

Kosovo and Macedonia desperately need a positive signal from the EU

Sabin Selimi


МК   ALB   ENG Sabin Selimi, MSc and Nadire Latifi, MSc The concern is not whether the EU fails to create functioning and stable countries, but that the EU’s engagement in the region leads to a loss of credibility as an international...