Macedonia and the EU: The negotiation framework is too narrow for the (dis)information

Sonja Kramarska


This was a start mired with confusion, uncertainty, political drama, and countless questions about whether Macedonia actually managed to hop on the European train or the train escaped yet...

Serbian and Russian disinformation – a threat to the democratic processes of Kosovo

Fitim Gashi


Disagreements among Western Balkan countries on initiatives such as "Open Balkans" and the gaps created due to the uncertainty of the European integration processes create the ground for external actors such as Serbia, Russia, and China to push for their...

People in Albania are tired of Brussels’ lip service

Alice Taylor


The problem with information around EU accession is the belief that the EU’s statements of support for the country’s accession are little more than lip...

The perils of the artificial intelligence utopia

Ridvan Peshkopia


AI showed to be able to construe juridic arguments and suggest decisions for civil and divorce cases. Evidence from AI apps in medicine shows its diagnostic capabilities. We learned that AI bots have defeated poker professionals and even the chess world champion Garry...

Bulgaria’s Deepening Political Crisis: An Opportunity to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Radosveta Vassileva


To restore democracy and the rule of law in Bulgaria, one must sideline all toxic actors – from those who inflicted damage on the country’s rule of law to the poisonous lookalikes flooding the political...

It’s about people but also about political calculations and cowardice

Ida Manton


The Macedonian OSCE Presidency slogan is "It's About People", so in that regard, it would be virtuous for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask for assistance and support to the national interests, integrity, sovereignty, language and identity....

When failure to act is murder

Bojana Jovanovska


Impunity for all forms of gender-based violence gives rise to distrust in institutions and encourages repeat violence and its culmination in...

Albanians have to work two decades more than before to buy a home today

Nertila Maho


This is a system built for decades and needs a totally different approach by everyone, starting from the top. An approach where institutions would start to see public interest above...

Brain drain is both a cause and effect of the economic woes in the Balkans

Pyke Haans


Simply said: the people in the Balkans are, on average, getting older and less educated, and their total number is...

WIll 2023 bring hope to the EU enlargement perspective of the Western Balkans?

Visar Xhambazi


One major issue pertaining to the EU enlargement policy remains Kosovo. EU candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina leaves Kosovo as the last remaining country in the region to not have a clear path toward the...