Bulgaria’s COVID-19 vaccination fiasco: excessive risks, mediocre results

Vladimir Atanasov


Vladimir Atanasov Bulgaria’s vaccination program can only be deemed a fiasco. It can be attributed to a number of factors — poor organization, incompetence, and potential conflict of interest. In turn, the drama, which unravels now, is not surprising. Bulgaria is...

The unbearably slow vaccination process in Croatia

Vedrana Simičević


Vedrana Simičević Favoritism, weak strategy and poor communication with the public were the features of the first months of vaccination and they are the reasons that Croatia is currently at the bottom of the EU scale in terms of percentage of vaccinated population....

It will happen when it happens! – The vaccination entanglement in North Macedonia

Stefan Ristovski, Angel Mojsovski


Stefan Ristovski, Angel Mojsovski The number of people who are infected and have passed has increased significantly in the past period, while the epidemiological situation in the country is critical. The way the authorities are handling the crisis raises the dilemma of...

Greece hopes that beaches won’t be empty again this summer, but vaccination numbers say otherwise

Georgia Nakou


Georgia Nakou The hope in government circles is that increased vaccination rates and warmer weather will bring infections down to manageable levels and make it safe to welcome visitors for the sake of the economy. The numbers suggest that this will be a higher-risk...

The Balkans is far from herd immunity against COVID 19


A group of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina has filed criminal charges against the authorities. They demand responsibility for the vaccine delays and the high number of deaths from the virus. Despite the mass-scale vaccination, Serbia is far from herd immunity with...

Excess of vaccines in Serbia will go to waste. Literally.

Igor Todorovic


Igor Todorovic Serbia is the first country in Europe and the seventh in the world in terms of the full vaccination coverage rate! However, judging by the government’s latest moves, the rates are stagnating. Conflicting statements and actions since the beginning of...

Montenegro’s vaccination adventure: Lord, bless us with good health

Daniela Vukcevic


Daniela Vukcevic Back in the day, the mega-popular regional star Lepa Brena sang the lyrics “Bless us, Lord, with health and joy” (“Daj, Bože, zdravlja i radosti”) in one of her songs. Although this hit is now over three decades old, the refrain is...

May 2021 be the year of vaccination against the COVID – authoritarianism

Karolina Ristova Aasterud


The blog is part of the joint Res Publica and Project Syndicate publication, “The Pandemic of Fear”. Prof. Karolina Ristova – Aasterud Ph.D. The critical minority does not view 2020 just as a year that brought us the pandemics but also as a year that brought...

Lessons from the nation that tested its entire population

Michaela Ružičková


Michaela Ružičková We should not consider it as a failure, but it has to be said that it resulted only in temporary decline of spreading the virus. On the other hand, spreading disinformation had more significant consequences. The end of October brought an...

It will be a long winter in Turkey

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan Are the imposed solutions temporary or permanent? It has been almost one year since the epidemic disease COVID-19 hit the world. Even though the restrictions were eased by many governments during last summer, the case numbers and death rates are on...