Lessons from the nation that tested its entire population

Michaela Ružičková


Michaela Ružičková We should not consider it as a failure, but it has to be said that it resulted only in temporary decline of spreading the virus. On the other hand, spreading disinformation had more significant consequences. The end of October brought an...

The death that ignited protests in a generation that has lost hope

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho Ironically the measures that aim to save lives in this pandemic, for the first time caused the tragic death of a young man. It was 8th of December when two gunshots took the life of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha. The weapon was fired by a police officer and...

Waning Trust Instead of a More Credible Process for EU enlargement

Jovana Marovic


Jovana Marovic The long-awaited and much-needed impetus in EU enlargement policy that the new methodology was supposed to bring is still “on hold”. Western Balkans countries are not informed of the specific elements and frameworks that should round up and...

From Corruption to Clientelism, or Same Ol Same Ol’ in the Western Balkans

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic How serious is the EU in its efforts to welcome the region in its family? The volume entitled “Balkanizing Europeanization: Fight against Corruption and Regional Relations in the Western Balkans” that I had the honor of editing with my colleague...

It will be a long winter in Turkey

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan Are the imposed solutions temporary or permanent? It has been almost one year since the epidemic disease COVID-19 hit the world. Even though the restrictions were eased by many governments during last summer, the case numbers and death rates are on...

Youth in Albania: Trapped in their Own Homeland

Jona Koprencka


Jona Koprencka Nowadays, young people want to leave their country as soon as possible. They no longer feel represented and have lost their sense of belonging. Young people are said to be the future of a nation. We have seen many cases where young people have worked...

While the virus in Turkey is spreading, the Lira is in a free fall

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan The story of how the greatest crisis in 21st century affected politics and economy in Turkey. Republic of Turkey is one of the latest European countries in having its first case of COVID-19. While European Union and neighbors of Turkey were...

Why are Russia, Turkey and China interested in Montenegro?

Jovana Marovic


Jovana Marovic In recent years, Montenegro has become an arena of influence and interest of a number of non-Western actors, primarily Russia, China and Turkey, and their political influence, albeit not weak, is still under control. Foreign investments are generally...

After the June elections in Serbia – Is anyone satisfied after 21 June 2020?


Slagjana Komatina Following the June elections, the ruling Serbian Progressive Party has reason to be somewhat dissatisfied with the epilogue of this election cycle. The fact that there is no “real” opposition in the Parliament is something that will surely...

How are the Republic of North Macedonia and Frontex Handling the Refugee Crisis?

Ismail Kamberi


Ismail Kamberi In 2015, EU member states deployed police units to North Macedonia’s border with Greece to assist in handling the refugee crisis. The cooperation has been effective but has lacked transparency. The so-called “Balkan Route” has been one of the main...