The “freedom fighters“ that threaten Slovak democracy

Michaela Ružičková


Michaela Ružičková Despite the relatively good pandemic situation in Slovakia during the summer of 2021, the state faced an extensive anti-vaccination and anti-government campaign. It was aimed primarily against vaccination, pandemic measures and restrictions. The...

The looming collapse of liberal democracy

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia The West could serve the rest of the word as an exhibition of terrible and visibly failed ideas, including Communism, Fascism, Nazism, feminism, anarchism and, lately, liberalism. The COVID-19 pandemic presented the international public with the...

Why is Albania becoming the ship everyone wants to abandon?

Nertila Maho


Nertila Maho Citizens, refugees, migrants, it doesn’t matter, it seems that nobody sees a bright future in Albania. Around 300BC nearly 6000 Illyrian fighters fled the country after the assassination of king Kliti by Alexander the Great. They migrated to a place...

Four potential obstacles for further political rise of Dimitar Apasiev and the Left (Levica)

Kristijan Fidanovski


Kristijan Fidanovski The Left Party has been on the rise at least since the name change referendum in 2018. However, in the long run, this rise may be jeopardized by personnel and geographical constraints, ideological eclecticism, Euroscepticism and the low coalition...

USA, Turkey or Serbia: Where will Rama find support during his third term?

Jona Koprencka


Jona Koprencka This is the first time in Albanian democracy that a party has been at the helm of the country for three consecutive terms. At a time when everyone thought that a political rotation would take place, the Prime Minister Rama received great support not only...

Hooligans and Politicians: Can You Tell ‘em Apart?

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic The Belivuk case again reminds us of the clientelism of the Serbian state, additionally indicating that the Serbian judiciary will forever remain under political influence. Recent events in Serbia tying political elites to organized crime figures...

The Afghan experiment and the failure of liberal democracy

Ridvan Peshkopia


Ridvan Peshkopia Beyond Afghanistan, the liberal democratic system crisis have begun to appear in the West as well. Loss of capability or even willingness to protect borders, loss of social cohesion, extreme political polarization and the downfall of confidence in own...

Why is it so difficult for Serbia to recognise Kosovo?

Katarina Tadic


Katarina Tadic Serbian citizens are regularly asked if they are willing to accept recognition of Kosovo in exchange for EU membership. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority said no, because Kosovo is an emotional question, whilst the EU has never managed to win...

The Hype over the Srebrenica Resolution

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic Serbia continues to deny the past, with its elites using the resolution to bash Montenegro while hoping that this move would bring them more popularity back home.   The latest move by Podgorica, whereby Montenegrin Parliament recently adopted a...

Fighting fake news is a “to be or not to be” battle!


Teofil Blazevski The fight against fake news and misinformation is much harder than all internationally undertaken and locally implemented or created measures and activities. It is a complex process in which neither media, institutionsor civil society organizations,...