“Hate Slavs” – Hate speech in the Balkans

Dubravka Valic Nedeljkovic


Dubravka Valić Nedeljković, PhD Hate speech is commonplace in public discourse in the Balkans. Offensive language, insinuations, labelling, presenting false information about people in public discourse with no holds barred, whether it is the media or the assembly...

Unifying around “historical truths” or around differences? (II)


The text is a response to the blog “On unifying around our common history – Tsar Samuil erga omnes (II)” by Naum Kajchev, published on May 21, 2021.   Ognen Vangelov and Ljupco Risteski We consider that the theses represented by Mr. N. Kajchev...

On unifying around our common history – Tzar Samuil erga omnes (II)

Naum Kajchev


Naum Kajchev The European idea is based on overcoming the contradictions of the past, on emphasizing things that are common and unifying. No one today has exclusivity over the state of Prince Boris the Baptizer and St. Clement of Ohrid; of Tsar Simeon and St. Naum of...

Vaccine Nationalism Strikes Back

Sabin Selimi


Sabin Selimi Governments around the world tend to follow their own national interests instead of pursuing a more globally coordinated approach. Everyone around the world has been profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that has been wreaking havoc. Hundreds of...

Corruption in the Balkans remains a stubborn thing, it’s not helped by difficult counting


Jason Deegan and Felix Amelung With corruption we should worry less on how we fare against the neighbours and focus instead on how to ensure the necessary infrastructure by way of institutions is put in place to actually investigate incidents of corruption. Corruption...

The Unwanted Tag of Being the (Western) Balkans

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic Let’s face it: the region is in many ways still largely (mis)understood, treated, and referred to internationally as the ‘powder keg of Europe’. It is expected that the security cooperation in a region with such recent history as the Western...

At the Bottom of the Balkans: Kosovo’s Bumpy Road in Securing Vaccines

Arbër Fetahu


Arber Fetahu The pandemic marked its first anniversary a few weeks ago. Covid-19 exposed systemic problems in the health system of Kosovo and other institutional branches. While the high number of positive cases and deaths made the headlines, the government...

Uniting around “historical truths” or around differences?


Ognen Vangelov and Ljupcho Risteski Nowhere in the world have Commissions such as this existed to establish “historical truths”, especially not “truths” about the medieval history, because that would turn them into censorship bodies.  In...

Political wrangling instead of vaccines

Vanja Stokić


Vanja Stokić Apart from a few isolated attempts, most people are not filing complaints to institutions and are not asking for accountability. They do not even accept the opportunities for inoculation they are offered, as rare as they may be. It’s as if they want...

Bulgaria’s COVID-19 vaccination fiasco: excessive risks, mediocre results

Vladimir Atanasov


Vladimir Atanasov Bulgaria’s vaccination program can only be deemed a fiasco. It can be attributed to a number of factors — poor organization, incompetence, and potential conflict of interest. In turn, the drama, which unravels now, is not surprising. Bulgaria is...