From Corruption to Clientelism, or Same Ol Same Ol’ in the Western Balkans

Vladimir Djordjevic


Vladimir Djordjevic How serious is the EU in its efforts to welcome the region in its family? The volume entitled “Balkanizing Europeanization: Fight against Corruption and Regional Relations in the Western Balkans” that I had the honor of editing with my colleague...

It will be a long winter in Turkey

Kaan Bayırakoşan


Kaan Bayırakoşan Are the imposed solutions temporary or permanent? It has been almost one year since the epidemic disease COVID-19 hit the world. Even though the restrictions were eased by many governments during last summer, the case numbers and death rates are on...

Repurposing abandoned objects: a chance for a better quality of life

Sonja Stojadinovic


The text is the winner of the competition for best blog “Do you have a better idea?” organized by Res Publica and the Institute of Communication Studies. Sonja Stojadinovic The models of functioning we have seen so far have proven to be selfish and oriented...

The economic price of rigorous measures in BiH

Danijal Hadzovic


Danijal Hadzovic This pandemic might be a chance to implement more profound economic reforms that are much needed for the country, and for which the crisis could be a great opportunity. Bosnia and Herzegovina initially decided to fight the coronavirus by introducing...

Hard times for Albania


Ornela Liperi Economic recovery won’t be as easy as expected. Every day there is a traffic jam to enter in Tirana, Albania’s capital. Streets are overcrowded with people running for their daily jobs nor activities. Coffee shops are full almost all the time. There...

Politicians in Kosovo are being obstinate, citizens are suffering

Lirim Gashi


Lirim Gashi Citizens and the economy are the victims of political wars in Kosovo. It is already obvious that the pandemic has not only impacted our health, but has also severely impacted the economy. No state economy around the world is left unaffected by the isolation...

Invisible in the fight against an invisible enemy


Stefan Maric Self-employed persons, workers in precarious employment or in the “shadow economy”, as well as the most socially underprivileged households, are largely left alone again, twisting in the wind. Despite the “economic optimism” of the...

This year was an economic bust for Montenegro


Milos Krivokapic Inadequate measures of the Government of Montenegro led to a 138 million euro decrease in deposits in the period from February to April, mostly affecting private companies, whose liquidity was put on the line, and it also led to another 5,000 people...

The Bulgarian response to the pandemic: Throwing money away


Mila Kisjova It appears that the country is coping well with the pandemic, the reality, however, is much scarier. The general perception is that Bulgaria has put up solid resistance to the coronavirus from a health perspective. However, the same cannot be said of the...

The salvation of the Croatian economy does not lie in the EU, but in fundamentally reforming the entire system


Nikolina Lednicki It’s time for drastic changes. Croatia was well on its way to full recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, which severely shook the economy and caused a wave of layoffs and considerable emigration of young workers. In the meantime, the country...