Organized crime in Serbia is a state affair


For the last ten years or so, Serbia has been experiencing a mutant expansion in the construction industry, a branch that, due to poor regulation and almost no control, is perfect for laundering illegally acquired...

Little Ambla and the big message she carries

Ivan Durgutov


If human rights and the treatment of marginalized citizens are a test of the civilizational achievement of some community, the little girl that is small in age but large in spirit, Ambla, once again proved to us that we, as a society, fail when we need to show...

How state-owned ESM spent millions via non-transparent contracting in Macedonia


While in the first half of 2021, the state-owned joint-stock company for electricity generation AD ESM (“Power Plants of North Macedonia”) concluded 6 contracts in negotiated procedures without publishing an announcement, with a total value of 9 million euros, in...

Water utility companies in North Macedonia: challenges and performance improvement


Dr. Eng. Mohamed Sameh Only 15% of the country is covered with mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plants and major cities continue to discharge untreated wastewater directly into the environment. Тhe country continues to have some of the lowest water...

Drugs, crime, murders: The fall of Montenegro’s crime rings


Ivan Čadjenović Crime rings continue to smuggle and sell cocaine from Latin America to Europe, despite the consequences of the bloody war and the cracking of the encrypted application “Sky”. Has the “Sky” app ended the clan war?   Milan Radulović (51),...

Media and information literacy: The antidote to lies and propaganda

Dorentina Hysa


The blog is published as part of the international symposium “Keeping up the Pace: Media Literacy Education in an Accelerating Age” organized by the Institute of Communication Studies on February 3 – 4, 2022. Register to follow the event on this link. Dorentina...

Corruption in agriculture

Fitim Gashi


Fitim Gashi “He who sows shall reap” – is an expression that means – if you plant the seeds, you will be able to enjoy the harvest later on. But many public officials and officials in Kosovo are harvesting without sowing, by being involved in a...

Tirana: A city scarred by money laundering

Alice Taylor


Alice Taylor The march of the diggers, cranes, and cement mixers continues while Albanians find themselves driven out of the city. Those that remain, witness the destruction of historical monuments, playgrounds, and open areas and are powerless to prevent it.  ...

Monitoring and data – the only approach for proper management of water resources


Prof. Slaven Conevski, Todor Conevski, Prof. Svetislav Krstiq Ph.D. It is not possible to calculate exactly the proper utilization and capacities of the water resources in the country due to the lack of continuous hydrological measurements and monitoring of the...

Covid-19 and human irrationality


Anita Janchevska In consideration of all the lessons learned from this pandemic, the question now is how can we use behavioral economy to create major change in the future on a global scale?   In response to the pandemic, experts around the world have identified...